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Specializing in turn-key projects, structural and seismic upgrades, custom office environments, remodels and tenant improvements.

Bird Nest Meeting Room, Wieden + Kennedy

Bird Nest Meeting Room, Wieden + Kennedy

Todd Hess Building Company has been working with W+K for over 10 years.  The company has done everything from moving our Totem Pole between floors to building Joint Editorial (3-4 times)!  Often times we’ll work without plans and the relationship between THBC and W+K just works so seamlessly. Other times we’ll have very detailed plans and THBC works to understand the plans and often offer advice that retains the integrity of the design, but gives us a better finished product.  THBC always strives to do their best and I appreciate that. 

Mitchell Sorenson, Wieden + Kennedy

K nova Learning Center

Knova Learning Center

We've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the Todd Hess Building Company. Before we started our first project in 2010 we all had a meeting to discuss the project.  In that meeting Todd let us know that our project would take about 12 weeks if they worked days, nights, and weekends.  We responded by letting them know that we needed the project done in 6 weeks and there was no way around it.  To that they laughed and said, "What are we doing still talking to you?  We've got work to do!". Since then we've known that we have a contractor who is a part of our team.

Todd's a great guy to work with and every person he's ever sent our way has been just as quality as he is.  Because of their willingness to complete projects that are seemingly impossible, 240 students had a brand new school to attend that year. Because of them, 360 kids have a school to attend today; for that we will be forever indebted to him. 

Dennis Tied, Knova Learning Center


What a blessing it was to reconnect with Todd when our charter school was looking to remodel in 2010.  I knew--and this confidence was proven by our experiences through three projects in three years--that I could count on Todd and his firm for high quality work, excellent advice, fair prices, quality people, superb oversight to make sure the work was done excellently, honesty, and with integrity. My only surprise was that, when we put Todd and his team [as well as subcontractors] into an impossible situation of too big a project with too short a deadline, they pulled it off!  I really didn’t think we’d get open on time that first year.

Throughout all our projects, I knew that Todd would always be upfront about problems and challenges; would give us great advice about the best solutions, and would never try to squeeze more money out of us through unnecessary change orders.

John, Knova Learning Center



da Vinci Classroom

da Vinci Classroom

Congratulations! Being a successful small business owner for 30 years is an enormous achievement! I was particularly impressed with you, Todd, when we interviewed you to be our General Contractor on the Evans-Harvard high performance classroom at Da Vinci Arts Middle School. Your enthusiasm for our vision was palpable. In addition to wanting to build the greenest building the district has ever considered, we had a crazy idea of engaging our contractor and subs in educating the staff and students as construction occurred, something that had never been done before at Portland Public Schools. Not only did you wiggle with excitement (yes, you did!), you also gave us some great ideas on how to expand our vision. Of course we followed your advice and we ended up with the first public k-12 school building to be certified LEED Platinum. Thank you! We are continuing and expanding that effort with our Contractor Career Learning Participation program in our high schools. Connecting students with all types of green collar jobs, helping them understand what work you do, why, and how it benefits PPS and our community will enrich their education and open new opportunities for all.

Your staff was terrific to work with – responsible, responsive, competent, honest, friendly, just like their boss!

Nancy Bond, Portland Public Schools


We have had the pleasure of working with Todd Hess Construction for many years. Todd was recommended to me by Peterson Structural Engineers for a project at the Conestoga Rec. My first meeting was with Todd and I immediately knew we would be working together on many projects. Todd and his staff are outstanding to work with, not only are they very professional but they are personable as well and I have great confidence in their abilities. I look forward to many projects in the future and congratulate them on their 30 years of business. 


Steve Ortner, Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation



Joint Editorail

Joint Editorail

The team at THBC brought a level of commitment, professionalism and quality that exceeded our expectations. They were smart and efficient in their approach, giving solid advice and leveraging all relationships to ensure we got the best price and quality with subs and materials.  They held all players to the highest level of accountability -- the project wasn't just done, it was done to everyone's exacting standards.  They thought bigger than the assignment, and were always one step ahead of a problem -- a true thought and strategic partner for the project.  Most importantly, I felt like the THBC Project Manager was working for our team -- rather than as a supplier or vendor trying to protect his interests.

Our space is beautiful, functional, practical and an essential part of our successful business.  We could not have done it without them.

Patty Brebner, Joint Editorial


We just finished up Riversgate Church and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate working with Todd Hess Building Company.  We work with a lot of contractors and few are as honest, fair and organized as you guys are.  It’s nice to work with a company that works hard to give a great product for the customer and takes care of its subcontractors.

Looking forward to the next project!

Ken Sutherland, Wyatt Fire Protection



River West Church

River West Church

It seems like only yesterday that River West Church was given THBC’s name for a small project.  Well… 10+ years later, with countless buildings and remodels completed, we just have to stop and share our appreciation of you, your company and your commitment to excellence.  You and your team have been a critical part of building River West Church!  Not just physically, but without this work we would not have the current capacity to accommodate our congregation.

Todd Hess Building Company is a quality company with integrity.  It is great to work with a company that is led by folks that do what they say.  Your consistent quality in products, workmanship and relationships represents the integrity that keeps your company thriving.

Maggie Andrews, River West Church


In this day and age, it seems to be harder and harder to find people, both personally and professionally, who operate from a strong moral and ethical foundation.  It struck us early on in our association with THBC, that this was a company comprised of folks with just such a commitment.  Parkin Electric is proud to be associated with THBC and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship for years to come.

Dave and Wade Parkin, Parkin Electric



Royalton Place

Royalton Place

It has been a great pleasure and learning experience for me working with the Todd Hess Building Company. Their vast knowledge of the construction process was very appreciated and welcomed. Without their influence, our project would have experienced delays which would have resulted in loss of revenue. We have appreciated their consistent presence on our job site which was important in keeping our project on schedule. Todd Hess Building Company has a true dedication and loyalty to their customers.

Holly Hildenbrand, BPM Senior Living


Thank you for the way you do business! You are a man of integrity, you do what you say you’ll do, and you've made me look good on many occasions.

God has richly blessed you and Janis. You've been an example to me as well as countless others. You constantly give your time to organizations that need your help. Thank you for serving on my Advisory Board the past few years as well.

I am looking forward to starting and completing the project at Westside Christian High School as well as other future projects!!

Dan Quatier, Interior Tech


There aren't many people you can do business with nowadays over a hand shake. I don’t even know if Todd will remember this story, but I will never forget his integrity. We were working on a building about five years ago and there was an issue with an HVAC bid. We reviewed the details and concerns and moved forward on the job. A month later, some of the concerns became real issues with real dollar figures attached. Todd and I met to discuss and I’ll never forget Todd telling me that he stood behind his word even though we didn't have anything in writing. Any of us working in the commercial world know that if it’s not in writing, it doesn't mean a thing; unless you’re Todd Hess.

Through his actions, Todd lived out his faith and demonstrated true character. I’m honored to work with Todd and most importantly call him a friend.

 Tyler Paulson, Paulson’s Floor Coverings